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Best Practices in Foodservice Technology for Senior Care
January 29, 2023

[Recording] Best Practices in Foodservice Technology for Senior Care: A Panel Discussion

In today’s landscape, it’s more important than ever for leaders to leverage technology that helps them adapt operations quickly and keep clients/residents safe. Integration and flexibility are the cornerstones of the future in dining.

Julie Cavaliere, Alex Pirrone and Melanie Veldman represent and support industry leaders making positive difference for hospitality, dining and foodservice employees, clients/patients, and customers through technology solutions.

They recently went live on LinkedIn to discuss:

  • How technology can provide efficiencies in foodservices and improve the overall dining experience
  • Why now is the time to embrace technological change
  • The biggest myths around onboarding technology
  • And their advice for foodservice leaders considering upgrading their technology practices

Watch the full recording of the discussion below:

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