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Q: What does all-in-one foodservice technology mean?

A: At MealSuite, we pride ourselves in being the only system built for healthcare and senior living that helps you manage your foodservice from end to end. This means, the menus you create in MealSuite can be used throughout your entire dining operations from completing transactions in your cafeteria to taking patient orders bedside all the way to production, inventory management and purchasing. Your front and back of the house are covered!

Plus – so much more than a software, we also offer a full suite of hardware, integrations and extensions to help you connect and automate your entire operation. This includes: our Point of Sale system, Paperless Kitchen Technology, Wireless Temperature Sensors, Digital Menu Boards, Self-Ordering options, integration with your EHR provider and more.

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Q: What makes MealSuite different from other foodservice systems?

A: Choosing from the array of foodservice systems can be a challenge. But – if you’re in the healthcare or senior living space, MealSuite can provide what you need more than systems built for other industries like restaurants or schools:

  • Integrated resident profiles ensure dietary needs such as allergens, diet orders, food textures and preferences are always accommodated
  • MealSuite is customizable to support your range of dining venues and meal plans, with tools to optimize your budget, resident nutrition outcomes, mealtime satisfaction scores and more
  • We can support everything from fine dining at your onsite restaurants to multiple levels of care at once – from independent living through to complex acute care
  • Integration with your EHR provider means saved time and reduced risk from keystroke error
  • Our Point of Sale system is fully integrated with people profiles and designed to accommodate resident, staff and guest payment accounts (including Meal Plans, Payroll Deduction and more)
  • Products like Digital Menu Boards, Self-Service Kiosk and Self-Ordering Portal were designed for optimal resident use and engagement

Overall, our system was built with your industry in mind, and we’re always working with our customers to evolve with their needs and offer new solutions to help them overcome new challenges.

Plus – MealSuite provides industry-leading support via call or chat our customers describe as: prompt, accommodating and very helpful. So much more than a software, you’ll have a partnership with MealSuite. You and your team will never be alone in your foodservice technology journey!

Q: What types of roles can benefit from using MealSuite?


  • Foodservice Managers can enjoy creating custom recipes and updating menus
  • Dietitian will find the nutritional analysis and diet orders tools a breeze to use just in time for menu sign-off
  • Front-line team can easily take orders for payment on our POS solution or in the Care setting via tableside/bed side
  • Production staff will enjoy easy to read, consolidated production reports
  • Tray line team can view order details electronically or on paper to quickly plate dishes to exact specifications
  • Diet Techs can create personalized service by customizing meals based on resident needs

Q: Do you provide training and ongoing support?

A: Yes! We have a dedicated, industry-leading team of project, onboarding, and support specialists who are equipped to handle the implementation of MealSuite any scale. Our specialists work closely with your communities to ensure a smooth onboarding process, addressing any concerns and providing ongoing support.

With MealSuite, prompt support is always a click or call away.

Q: What other systems can MealSuite integrate with?

A: We love working with third-party systems to help make your operations as efficient as possible! MealSuite seamlessly integrates with your other providers including payroll & accounting platforms, food distributors, EHR/EMR and community management systems.

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Q: What does it mean that MealSuite is customizable?

A: No two organizations are alike, and a personalized approach is essential for achieving success. That’s why we’re dedicated to working with you to build your ideal foodservice ecosystem based on your budget, needs and goals. We’ll help you choose from our suite of software, hardware, integrations and extensions so you can simplify your operation in a way that works best for you.

Q: Do I need Wi-fi to use MealSuite?

A: As a Cloud-Based solution, you do need Wi-fi to use MealSuite. However, our system requires very minimum download and upload speed, so if you have Wi-fi, it’s likely your facility is already able to support the software!

Q: How much does MealSuite cost?

A: Depending on the size, level of care and needs of your community, our core software solution can be as low as $175 per month.

Because our system is designed to enhance the entire operation, everything from time saved time to reducing food waste to optimizing your purchasing decisions help save significant dollars. And if used properly, can often offset the cost of the program in its entirety!

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