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So much more than software, you can automate your entire foodservice ecosystem
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MealSuite's Foundational Software

Our system comes in a variety of flavors depending on your community’s needs. Select your industry to learn more.

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TOUCH Devices

MealSuite TOUCH

MealSuite offers a full suite of hardware devices that complement and integrate with our software solution to meet all of your foodservice operational needs:


  • Live Tableside Service: Take tableside selections via tablet and send directly to the kitchen for more efficient service
  • Touch Screen Menu Boards: Manage live menu changes and provide an engaging menu preview for residents
  • In-Suite Dining: Advance Ordering & Self-Ordering Modules
  • Fully-Integrated Point of Sale System: Learn More
  • Snack Carts: Use tablets on snack carts or create snack labels and delivery worksheets for personalized notes including adaptive feeding devices


  • Kitchen Display Systems (KMS Screens): Scaled recipes, production forecasts and menu-building capabilities for an efficient kitchen that reduces waste
  • Serveries: Display real-time reports and worksheets needed to serve the right items to the right person, every time
  • Meal Tickets: Display resident orders for plating or print one-time use tray tickets/cards to provide serving staff with details on resident needs
Paperless Kitchen

Paperless Kitchen Solutions

Automate your production processes while ensuring you’re meeting the highest level of compliance. Our Paperless Kitchen Technology takes production steps and food safety tracking digital, with real-time reports and alerts, including operational checklists and temperature monitoring.

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Screenshots of MealSuite TOUCH KMS tickets and Upcoming Orders

Wireless Temperature Sensors

Fully integrated Wireless Temperature Sensors accurately monitor your refrigeration unit temperatures and automatically generate your digital logs into our HACCP software. Sensors ensure you’re in the ‘Safe Zone’ and alert you immediately via text or email if out of range.

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MealSuite Connect: EHR Integration

Instantly transfer ADT, Allergies, Diet Orders and resident photos from your EHR provider into your MealSuite System, so you can save time, mitigate risk of keystroke error and improve your resident dining experience.

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In-Suite Dining Portals

Self-Ordering Portal

Self-Ordering Portal for Independent Living Communities

  • Allows your independent residents who own a personal tablet or computer to place orders directly from the safety of their rooms.
  • For residents without a personal device, a staff member can quickly share what’s on the menu via tablet and accept orders for several days in advance.
Advance Ordering

Advance Ordering Modules for Care Communities

  • Visit your patients or residents to take their meal orders up to 7 days in advance on a tablet or laptop computer.
  • Orders may also be placed via phone for those without a device or who may be in quarantine.
Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Integrate your MealSuite system with our in-house, fully integrated Point of Sale solution designed for the needs of your industry. Select your industry to learn more:

Point of Sale for Skilled Nursing

Point of Sale for Independent Living

Point of Sale for Assisted Living

Point of Sale for CCRC

Point of Sale for Acute Care

Self Service App

Resident Self-Ordering: MealSuite Portal App for Point of Sale

Allow your community members to order pickup or delivery meals directly from their personal phone or tablet up to 3 days in advance. They can also view the menu, see past orders, and review their Meal Plan balance.

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