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We are a team of healthcare professionals, experienced dietitians, and industry thought leaders who believe passionately in enhancing the quality of life for healthcare & senior living communities and the effectiveness of the dining experience as a facilitator to do so.

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How Jessica Used Foodservice Management Technology to Excel Her Transition into Culinary Leadership & Fuel Her Career of Purpose

A Dietary Aide of fifteen years before moving up to her current position as Culinary Director, Jessica knows the positive impact great quality foodservice can have on residents in care communities. Because after all, mealtime has the power to bring comfort, connection, excitement and smiles like nothing else.

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Dietary Manager Samantha Leddy’s Experience with MealSuite® Foodservice Solutions: Easy Onboarding, Conquering Diet List Goals & Her Vision to Save Staff Time with Touch Technology

Discover why long term care Dietary Manager Samantha says MealSuite® technology is "a huge, huge benefit for" maintaining up-to-date, consistent diet lists, and more reasons why she recommends our all-in-one solution.

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How This Award-Winning Care Community’s Food & Nutrition Manager Makes the Everyday Special for Her Residents

Kristie Wiedenfeld, Food & Nutrition Manager of Regina Gardens Long Term Care is all about making the everyday special for her community.

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Senior Dining Association Executive Chef of the Year Steven McCracken on His Resident-Focused Philosophy & Getting Creative with Culinary Amidst COVID-19

Alongside his team, Steven serves 700 meals each day to the independent and assisted living residents in the Florida-based retirement community – with a clear dedication to his work that reflects Acts Retirement-Life Communities’ motto: “Where Loving-Kindness Lives”.

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How Westminster Community Finds Foodservice Success Through Meal Service Software & A Family-First Attitude

"We’ve created a nice little family here”, Brian Grossman, Food & Beverage Director of Westminster Community in Austin, Texas says as we sit down for a conversation with he and his teammate Marivel Mendez, Healthcare Dining Manager.

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A Conversation with Leah’s Pantry: Helping Communities Thrive Through Trauma-Informed Nutrition Security

As the coordinator of Leah’s Pantry’s Nutrition Pantry Program (or NPP) , Leah sees first-hand how food & nutrition security can play a major role in building resilience in children and adults in low-income communities.

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How Kim Floren Built her MealSuite® “Ecosystem” to Support her Community’s Evolving Foodservice Needs

Watch the video to discover how Kim uses her all-in-one MealSuite® Foodservice Management Software to serve love and smiles to her residents, even as their operations have adapted to a new normal.

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4 Recipes for Foodservice Success from Software Superuser Melanie Jones

As the head of her nutrition team, Melanie and her staff serve smiles to up to 200 patients and residents across a range of services from long term care to adult day programs.

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Food Service Software: An Essential Part of Proactive Emergency Response Planning

Recently, we had a conversation with Jessica McIvor, Dietary Manager at Extendicare Oshawa – and an amazing example of a leader in proactive emergency response – to learn a little more about her contingency planning in challenging times.

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Todd Saylor, Director of Dining at The Highlands: Serving Smiles and Satisfaction to 400+ Residents Across Three Levels of Care

With over 30 years in the food service industry, Todd manages the community’s unique upscale dining program, featuring multiple dining venues with a range of meal choices and quality ingredients sure to match residents’ desires to a tee.

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How Jessica Used MealSuite®’s In-Room Meal Ordering Solution to Operate 2.5 days in Advance During COVID-19

With the coronavirus outbreak putting unforeseen restrictions on communal dining, Jessica Severson, RD, LD - Food & Nutrition Services Manager was looking for a quick and effective solution to switch her community’s operation to in-room meal service.

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