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Woman in glasses surprised while looking at laptop
Getting Started with Foodservice Management Technology Doesn’t Have to be Scary: 7 Onboarding Myths, Debunked!

Legends and spooky tales may be fun for the Halloween season, but when everyday misconceptions or “myths” get in the way of foodservice teams ...read more

Senior woman in striped shirt smiling while eating strawberry yogurt
Embracing a ‘Food First’ Approach to Mitigate Malnutrition in Seniors: 10 Ideas from a MealSuite® Registered Dietitian

This time of year brings with it the steady transformation of pumpkins and corn to myriad lights, sounds, and smells of a holiday ...read more

group of seniors holding balloons while smiling
7 Ways Senior Living Communities Can Celebrate World Smile Day All Month Long (+Free Resources to Help!)

Ready, set, say cheese! October 1st was World Smile Day, and we’re sure you’ll agree when we say: smiles deserve a heck ...read more

Review and rating of home food delivery app during covid-19 lockdown
The Pandemic Has Accelerated Technology Adoption in Older Adults: Here's Why This Is an Exciting Opportunity for the Senior Living Industry to Bring Foodservice Innovation

...read more

Smiling Asian senior man and woman holding glasses of milk.
[Infographic] 3 Special Nutrient Needs of Older Adults & Foods to Improve Their Intake

As you know, as we get older, our bodies' needs change ...read more

Kitchen manager in tie looking at tablet with head chef in kitchen
[Infographic] 5 Powerful Ways Foodservice Management Technology Can Help Address Labor Shortages in Senior Care

...read more

5 Ways MealSuite®’s NEW Fully Integrated Point of Sale (POS) Solution Can Help Senior Living Communities Deliver Restaurant-Quality Service Matched with the Personalized Care Your Residents Deserve

...read more

4 Ways to Succeed with IDDSI with Nutrition Expert & Dietetic Consultant Margaret Roche
Industry Leader Spotlight: 4 Ways to Succeed with IDDSI with Nutrition Expert & Dietetic Consultant Margaret Roche

Just like the MealSuite® team, Margaret lives and breathes her mission to empower the ...read more

How End-to-End Foodservice Software Can Help Care Communities Deliver Personalized Nutrition to Patients & Residents

Nutrition: Long Term Care Facility Resources ...read more

Animated recycling super hero in green with red cape
[Video] Fighting Foodservice Waste with Technology: The Tale of a Senior Living Eco-Superhero

Did you know that foodservice technology from MealSuite® can help you fight ...read more

African american family sitting on couch looking at laptop
Fostering Transparency & Instilling Trust in Resident Families with Foodservice Technology

Any great relationship is built upon a foundation of trust. As a senior living operator, you see this every day from your residents who trust in you ...read more

National Nutrition Month® 2021: How End-to-End Foodservice Software Can Help Care Communities Deliver Personalized Nutrition to Patients & Residents

This March, National Nutrition Month® is all about the theme: Personalize Your Plate! ...read more

Couple in covid masks giving each other elbow bumps
How Technology Can Help Senior Living Leaders Build A Foodservice Team Culture to Be Proud Of

As leader in senior care, achieving a great foodservice team culture is much easier said than done. When you and your ...read more

Elsye Sanders Virtual Concert
[Shareable Recording Included!] Spreading Holiday Cheer in Senior Living Communities with a Live Festive Musical Performance

On Tuesday December 15th, patients, residents and staff members in care communities ...read more

Older man in red christmas sweater, smiling and sitting on chair drinking eggnog at Christmas.
8 Ways Senior Living Foodservice Professionals Can Use Festive Flavors & Flare to Deliver Smiles This Unique Holiday Season

We’ve collected some creative inspiration you can use to help make the coming days ...read more

[Printable Infographic] A Guide to High-Calorie Foods to Supplement Recipes and Meals

Social isolation is an important environmental factor related to nutritional risk in the elderly population who live in assisted living ...read more

An Introduction to Malnutrition Awareness Week™: Stay Tuned for Complimentary Resources to Help You Combat Malnutrition in Seniors

With the consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic and the seasonal flu approaching ...read more

World Alzheimer's Day: How Foodservice Management Software Can Help You Overcome 4 Common Dietary Challenges in Memory Care

With appetite loss, motor and sensory difficulties commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease ...read more

Keeping Dining Room Contact Traceability Reports by Hand? This NEW MealSuite® Tablet Feature Will Handle the Tracking for You

As communities begin to reopen their dining rooms across the country, we know that with every mealtime comes ...read more

[E-Book] Choosing The Right Foodservice Technology Provider: An Introductory Guide to Dining Service Technology

Are you wondering if foodservice management software can help your senior living, acute care or long term care community deliver more satisfied smiles ...read more

Ways to Use Your Exceptional Foodservice To Help Attract Prospective Residents, Without Using Costly Marketing, Even When They Can’t Visit In-Person

You know your community is amazing. We know your community is amazing. And most ...read more

Saving on Senior Living Food Costs: 5 of the Priciest Mistakes Foodservice Operators Make

From menu planning to kitchen management and everything in between, you wear many hats in your day-to-day as a senior living foodservice ...read more

Onboarding Foodservice Management Software: Are You Falling for These 6 Common Myths?

As an Account Manager in senior living foodservice technology, I take pride in helping care professionals find the right solutions ...read more

Considering Reopening Your Dining Room? Discover 6 Unique Ways to Maintain ‘Dining at a Distance’ for Your Patients and Residents

With so many communities forced to make a shift from tableside to in-room dining, there's ...read more

[Infographic] 11 Essential Steps To Choosing The Right Foodservice Software Provider

Now that you know what foodservice management software can do for your community, you may be feeling ready to take the next steps ...read more

8 Reasons Why Your Senior Living Community Should be Using Foodservice Management Software

As a senior care professional, we know you’re giving your all every day to serve your community at mealtime and beyond. ...read more

IDDSI Exploration Series, Part 4: Implementation & “Going Live”

Here we are – Week 4 of our IDDSI Exploration Series: Implementation Tips and "Going Live". If you’ve been with us all along, welcome back! If you’re joining us for the first time, be sure to ...read more

IDDSI Exploration Series, Part 3: IDDSI Food Testing In 3 Simple Steps

Welcome back to the IDDSI Exploration series! On week one of National Dysphagia Month then moved on to explore Updated Food Lists and Level 7 Easy to ...read more

IDDSI Exploration Series, Part 2: A Dive into Updated Food Lists & Level 7 Easy to Chew (EC7)

Last week we began this series with a moment to examine the direction and momentum of IDDSI acceptance in the five years since the framework’s initial publication ...read more

IDDSI Exploration Series, Part 1: Where Are We Now?

The year 2020 has brought with it many unforeseen challenges – but it has also brought unforeseen creativity and collaboration on a global scale. In real time, people and industries have experienced ...read more

Taking a Cold, Hard Look at Your Kitchen’s Temperature Monitoring (& How Connected Digital Sensors Can Help)

Temperature control is essential in maintaining both the safety and quality of your meals, which in turn can help prevent illness and improve customer satisfaction ...read more

Todd Saylor, Director of Dining at The Highlands: Serving Smiles and Satisfaction to 400+ Residents Across Three Levels of Care

With over 30 years in the food service industry, Todd manages the community’s unique upscale dining program ...read more

[Infographic] Self-Care for Care Professionals

Dedicated senior living and healthcare professionals: while selflessly giving your all to care for others, have you remembered to take a moment ...read more

How Jessica Used MealSuite®’s In-Room Meal Ordering Solution to Operate 2.5 days in Advance During COVID-19

With the coronavirus outbreak putting unforeseen restrictions on communal dining, Jessica Severson ...read more

A Food Service Manager’s Guide to Showing Appreciation to Your Frontline Staff

There’s no doubt that with concerns around the coronavirus mounting in your community, it’s more challenging than ever to be a manager in care. ...read more

A Greener Community Starts with Food Service Technology

Doing what’s right for the health of the planet is not only important to you and your community, but to the new wave of potential residents seeking ...read more

3 Ways Technology Can Help You Keep Residents Connected with Family

While your community typically thrives on the smiles and memories made from human connection, you’ve been compelled to take necessary steps ...read more

9 Ways Care Communities Can Serve Up a Smile!

Food has a way of bringing people together unlike anything else. It’s something we all have in common. It can bring comfort. It can bring laughter ...read more

Printable Joke Cards to Ignite the Belly Laughs

Sometimes all it takes is delicious food and dash of creativity to help feed the souls of patients and residents who are practicing social distancing. ...read more

How Technology Can Safeguard Senior Living Foodservice Operations, Even If COVID-19 Leaves You Short-Staffed

You and your team are doing everything in your power to keep patients and residents not only safe and healthy, but in high spirits. ...read more

COVID-19: It’s More Important Than Ever to Care for Those Who Care

There’s no doubt that in these uncertain times, we’re all dealing with feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty. And at the end of the day, all we truly want is to keep our loved ones – and ourselves – safe, happy and healthy. ...read more

Ghosts of Procedures Past: Are You Up to Date?

It can be easy to fall into the trap of doing things the way they’ve “always been done”. When it comes to food safety however, it is vital to check in regularly to review and correct any food safety procedures that may be in place. ...read more

Kitchen Smarts: Temperature is Everything

It is difficult to imagine a world without temperature setting the standard for how to dress for the day, or how long to cook a roast and how cool to set a refrigerator. ...read more

Kitchen Smarts: Keep Your Cool!

The importance of food preservation and proper storage has long been understood by people around the world, utilizing techniques such as salting, pickling, and smoking to great effect for thousands of years. ...read more

Kitchen Smarts: Just Getting Warmed Up!

What do bacteria love more than moisture and food? A warm environment! ...read more

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