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Spotlight on Kim Floren

How Kim Floren Built her MealSuite® “Ecosystem” to Support her Community’s Evolving Foodservice Needs

Having been in the industry for 43+ years, Foodservice Manager Kim has spent the last decade serving smiles to 100 residents alongside her team in their long term care home in Ottawa, Ontario. And her dedication to nourishing the souls of her community through freedom of choice and exceptional food, is nothing short of inspiring.

Prior to partnering with MealSuite, because Kim was in charge of getting all the recipes and production sheets together in her community, she recalled her daily tasks as involving “a lot, a lot of paperwork!”

Watch the video and follow the link to discover how she used her foodservice solution take her processes paperless, while ensuring her residents always receive the appropriate meals:

Read Kim’s full Community Leader Spotlight here.

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