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Free Fortified Summer Recipes to Help Care Communities Prevent Isolation-Induced, Unintentional Weight Loss in Seniors Easier, Even If They Have a Low Appetite

Fortified Recipes

If you’ve noticed seniors experiencing isolation-induced, unintentional weight loss in your community – you are certainly not alone.

In fact, even before the pandemic, nearly 27% of seniors 65+ have dropped weight involuntarily, caused in part by social isolation.

And we know that physical distancing measures have only made this more of a challenge.

That’s why our team of registered dietitians have developed Free Fortified Recipes designed for you to help your residents maintain a healthy weight.

These aren’t your typical fortified recipes you’ve already tried. From creative shakes to smoothies, they have been specifically developed for enjoyment in the summer season.

What you’ll get:

  • 14 fortified, easy-to-consume and season-appropriate recipes created by MealSuite dietitians
  • A breakdown of nutrient analysis for each recipe
  • BONUS: A collection of non-fortified summer recipes to help you bring fun, cooling treats to the season for your seniors! (Plus nutrient analysis)

Our mission is to support the care industry in any way we can as you continue to be there for our seniors. That’s why these recipes are absolutely free for any communities who can benefit.

Get your free fortified recipes by filling out the form below.