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We are a team of healthcare professionals, experienced dietitians, and industry thought leaders who believe passionately in enhancing the quality of life for healthcare & senior living communities and the effectiveness of the dining experience as a facilitator to do so.

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Introducing HACCP HQ Technology by MealSuite®:

Ensure Compliance and Boost Quality in Your Healthcare and Senior Care Foodservice Operations


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The HACCP HQ Software Solution

Let us help ensure your operations meet the highest level of compliance. Our proprietary HACCP technology takes tracking paperless, with real-time reports and alerts, including operational checklists and temperature monitoring.

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All your compliance solutions from a single vendor

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Say goodbye to bulky binders

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Save staff time on administrative tasks

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Mitigate risk while improving efficiencies

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Reduce paper and printing waste

Digital HACCP Checklists

Customizable questions, answer dropdowns and corrective actions for your kitchen and tray service operations:

Delivery speed


Quality score (appearance, taste, aroma, etc.)

And anything else you’d like to track for your safety & quality goals!

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Paperless Production

Touchscreens with all of your forecast and production data at your fingertips create an efficient operation that improves communication, reduces waste and maximizes the time of kitchen staff. Fully integrated with MealSuite®, production is driven by resident-specific needs.

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Make Your Team Compliance Champions

Access a comprehensive report card file with staff performance relative to HACCP tasks and response times. It is fully integrated with the system, producing a perfect accountability tool.

- HACCP Hardware: Automated Temperature Tracking -

Woman holding tablet with screenshot of HACCP HQ temperature logs

Integrated Wireless Temperature Sensors

Fully integrated Wireless Temperature Sensors accurately monitor your refrigeration unit temperatures and automatically generate your digital logs into the HACCP module. Sensors ensure you’re in the ‘Safe Zone’ and alert you immediately via text or email if out of range.

Your wireless gateway and temperature sensors will arrive preprogrammed and ready to install in any resident room, fridge, freezer or common space!

Hands holding Cooper Atkins Blue2 wireless thermometers in front of food table

Integrated Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer

Perfect for mobile temperature tracking (think: tray delivery and snack carts), the blue2 wireless probe transmits temperatures to your mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy.

The fully integrated device can also notify your team of temperatures directly within the Mealsuite® foodservice management system and can work in conjunction with the HACCP software.

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