Fully-Integrated Point of Sale Solution for Acute Care Facilities

Elevate your dietary services and retail purchasing experience with a single POS system

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Imagine being able to provide the best dietary services and retail experience with a hospital Point of Sale (POS) system that not only tracks patient-specific data, but integrates all your offerings from tray service dining right down to your gift shop. When Point of Sale solutions designed for restaurants won’t cut it, turn to MealSuite for patient-centered technology built for the needs of the SNF industry. Improve foodservice satisfaction, increase transactions, and simplify the purchasing experience for your patients, guests and staff.

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Point of Sale Ecosystem

End-to-end Community Integration

Our all-in-one platform is fully-integrated so you can eliminate duplicated data entry, saving hours of precious time every week

Point of Sale Ecosystem
Bedside Ordering via Tablet
Point of Sale Ecosystem
Kitchen Management Screens
Point of Sale Ecosystem
Self-ordering Kiosks
Point of Sale Ecosystem
Mobile Ordering for Staff
Point of Sale Ecosystem
Gift Shop & Other Non-food Venues
Point of Sale Ecosystem
APIs for Digital Signage
Point of Sale Ecosystem
HR and Financial Interfaces
Point of Sale Ecosystem
Staff Meal Plans
Serve up Satisfaction

Meet Diet Specifications & Deliver Personalized Patient Care

  • Staff can serve patients confidently at any location in your SNF knowing that their important data is fully integrated into the POS system. Dietary filters and allergen alerts ensure patients are offered and served only what’s safe and appropriate for them.
  • Improve and expedite communication with the kitchen and meet each person’s exact order specifications by taking orders via tablets that transmit directly to Kitchen Display Screens in specific production areas.
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Integrate & Elevate Your Foodservice & Retail Offerings

  • Centralize and manage not only your foodservice locations like in-room tray service, cafeteria and grab n’ go station – but your other retail offerings like your gift shop, with a single solution.
  • MealSuite’s acute care Point of Sale system supports non-select, select, advance orders, in-room selection (on tablets) and even room service for smaller locations.
Self-ordering kiosk and phone app

Save Staff Time with Self-Ordering Options

  • Boost convenience with our Self-Service Kiosk that allows patients, visitors and staff in your facility to purchase items efficiently and independently, including automated off hours transactions your night shift staff is sure to appreciate. See the Kiosk in Action.
  • Use our Mobile Device Ordering App to allow staff and independent patients who own a personal tablet, phone or computer to place orders for pickup or delivery.
MealSuite POS reporting

Customize a Variety of Meal & Charge Accounts for Boosted Revenue Potential

  • Choose from a wide variety of meal and charge account types including: points & meal plans, charge accounts with caps & other controls, credit cards, gift cards and cash.
  • Staff can pay for purchases by scanning their employee badge, with an option to deduct the balance from their paycheck, charge to their specific department, or any charge option you choose to offer.
  • Custom load the system with chargeable sides, drinks, sauces, additions like avocado and more, so your clients receive their ideal plate, and you don’t miss out on revenue opportunities.
MealSuite POS reporting

Access Real-Time Data & Reports

  • Centralized meal service management means foodservice leadership or your acute care facility’s head office can watch employee workflow, generate receipt reports and more so you can pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Track patient nutritional goals in real-time, so your staff can personalize offerings or make suggestions that are in the best interest of each individual’s dietary recommendations.

100% Customizable to You, With A Full Suite of Tools for Easy Setup & Ongoing Management

Offering easy-to-install software & hardware solutions that are designed for healthcare (including a full suite of customizable Administration, Service and Report Tools), acute care POS solutions by MealSuite will help you deliver great experience and simplicity in your tray service and beyond.

Our solution is customizable to meet your every need – and can grow with you if you want to add retail or portal options later on.

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