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MealSuite Introduces Cutting-Edge Portal App for Point of Sale
May 16, 2023

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Personal Device Self-Ordering that Empowers Senior Living Operators to Save Staff Time & Provide a Modern, Flexible Dining Experience

Self Service App

May 16th, 2023 – MealSuite, a leading provider of innovative foodservice management solutions for the continuum of care, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated MealSuite Portal App for Point of Sale (POS). This app is set to transform the dining experience for both customers and providers, ushering in a new era of convenience and efficiency in the industry.

The MealSuite Portal App for Point of Sale is a versatile and user-friendly application designed to streamline the ordering process and enhance customer engagement in senior living communities.

Key features of the New MealSuite Portal App include:

  1. Resident Self-Ordering: Senior living operators can allow community members to order pickup or delivery meals directly from their personal phone or tablet up to 3 days in advance.
    • Pair with our To-Go Orders module to manage your pickup and delivery orders
    • Charges can be applied to Meal Plans, a room account, or paid for at pickup
  2. A Mobile View of Menus: Operators can post their delicious offerings to the app so residents can view what’s available at all of their dining locations from anywhere!
    • Fully integrated with MealSuite’s People Profiles, menu views are personalized to each individual’s dietary needs
  3. Past Orders & Meal Plan Balance: Within the app, residents can view their ordering history, complete with a live display of their Meal Plan balance.

"The MealSuite Portal App for Point of Sale marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that revolutionize the continuum of care. We are proud to offer a feature-rich application that empowers our clients to elevate their customer experience, drive efficiency, and improve profitability."

To learn more about the MealSuite Portal App for Point of Sale and its full range of features, please visit

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MealSuite® is a fully integrated, end to end, dietary, food production, inventory, kitchen management and point of sale solution on a mission to revolutionize the continuum of care through foodservice technology. Since 1989, their industry leading innovations have empowered foodservice operators across North America to streamline administrative labor, cut down on food waste, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements, so they can spend more time focusing on what matters most: improving the quality of life for their patients and residents. Dedicated to delivering SMILES & SATISFACTION to healthcare & senior living communities, MealSuite® prides itself on providing personalized solutions matched with unparalleled customer service.

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