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MealSuite Introduces Ability to Book Reservations in Their Point of Sale System
November 29, 2023

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November, 2023MealSuite, a leading provider of innovative foodservice management solutions for senior living and healthcare, is excited to announce the launch of an exciting new feature available in their Point of Sale system: the ability to book reservations.

Perfect for operations of all shapes and sizes, MealSuite's reservations feature is designed to support both single dining room locations and multi-venue setups. This enhancement empowers residents or their families to conveniently request bookings in person at host stations or by calling in, streamlining the reservation process for everyone involved.

Key features of MealSuite's reservation system include:

  • User-Friendly Dining Room Dashboard: Hosts or concierge staff can seamlessly view and book available tables using the intuitive dashboard. They’ll receive alerts when nearing capacity to ensure a smooth and efficient dining experience.
  • Customizable Settings: Operators can tailor the reservation system to their specific needs, including setting maximum numbers for reservations within time slots, providing flexibility for various dining scenarios.
  • Integration with People Profiles: Reservations are fully integrated with MealSuite's People Profiles, allowing for the seamless retrieval of resident information when making a booking. Residents can even be assigned to a table effortlessly by scanning their badge or RFID.

Why Should Senior Living Operators Consider Implementing Reservations?

  • Accurately Allocate Staffing: Operators can plan ahead by knowing which dining locations and times will experience the most traffic, allowing them to schedule the appropriate number of team members and optimize staffing levels.
  • Stagger Traffic Flow for Improved Efficiency: Reservations help create an even, predictable flow of residents during mealtime, minimizing congestion, and providing a smoother dining experience for all.
  • Better Predict Food Quantities: Operators can visualize mealtime attendance and dining room capacity to accurately predict production needs, reducing food waste and associated costs.

MealSuite continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and excellence in providing comprehensive solutions for senior living communities. The addition of the reservations feature to the Point of Sale system marks another step forward in enhancing the overall dining experience for residents and optimizing operational efficiency.

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