Fully Integrated Point of Sale (POS) Solution
for Senior Living Communities

For Restaurant-Quality Service Matched with the Personalized Care Your Residents Deserve

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Imagine being able to provide the best, most personalized mealtime dining experiences with a Point of Sale (POS) system that not only accommodates each resident’s personal needs, but also integrates your front-and-back of house operations. When automation designed for restaurants simply won’t cut it, turn to MealSuite® for resident-centered technology that will help you bring your service to a whole new level.

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End-to-end Community Integration

Point of Sale Ecosystem

MealSuite Point of Sale software showing choosing a resident and adding food items to their order

Offer Restaurant-Style Dining with a Personal Touch

  • The MealSuite® Touch POS solution supports open or assigned seating in your dining venues on top of an array of meal plans, wireless ordering options, self-ordering (in-room or on kiosks), tableside, bedside or via phone from your concierge desk.
  • Improve and expedite communication with the kitchen and meet each person’s exact order specifications by taking orders via tablets that transmit directly to KMS screens to specific production areas.
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Meet Diet Specifications & Deliver Personalized Care

  • Staff can serve residents confidently at any location knowing that their personalized care data is fully integrated into the POS system. Allergy alerts & dietary filters help ensure the correct options are always offered throughout your community.
  • With a built-in Nutrient Template, you can customize the Nutrient Summary that appears on-screen as menu items are selected to encourage balanced nutrition with each order.
MealSuite Kiosk ordering process

Support Quick Service Options

  • Scan or weigh and offer residents, visitors and staff charge options for pre-packaged or self-serve meals & snacks at your grab n’ go stations, cafés, tuck shops or gift shops.
  • Enhance the checkout experience further with our Self-Service Kiosk that allows residents, visitors and staff on your campus to purchase items efficiently and independently, including automated off hours transactions.
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Customize a Variety of Meal & Charge Accounts for Residents, Visitors & Employees

  • Choose from a wide variety of meal and charge account types including: points & declining balance plans, charge accounts with caps & other controls, credit cards, gift cards and cash.
  • Allow employees to pay for their purchases by scanning their employee badge, with an option to deduct the balance right from their paycheck, charge to their specific department, or any charge options you choose to offer.
  • Present and accept charges for add-ons, functions, charitable donations or other services like salons or meal deliveries.
MealSuite POS reporting

Access Real-Time Data & Reports

  • Centralized meal service management means foodservice leadership or your community’s head office can watch employee workflow, generate receipt reports and more so you can pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Track resident nutritional goals in real-time, so your staff can personalize offerings or make suggestions that are in the best interest of each individual person’s dietary recommendations.
Engage Residents & Their Families

Engage Residents and Their Families

  • Create an engaging web presence that includes direct menu publishing to engage and impress prospective residents and families.
  • Use the Resident and Family Portals to help link your residents to those who matter most.

100% Customizable, With A Full Suite of Tools for Easy Setup & Ongoing Management

Offering easy to install software & hardware solutions that are designed for senior living (including a full suite of customizable Administration, Service and Report Tools), Touch POS by MealSuite® will help you deliver “cruise ship” service and simplicity in your dining room and beyond. Our solution is customizable to meet your every need across the range of retirement and senior care communities – and can grow with you if you want to add retail or portal options later.

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