Dietary Manager Samantha Leddy’s Experience with MealSuite® Foodservice Solutions: Easy Onboarding, Conquering Diet List Goals & Her Vision to Save Staff Time with Touch Technology

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What does long term care Dietary Manager Samantha Leddy love most about her job? “I absolutely love dealing with residents... And just making their lives a better quality of life... That’s why we do what we do”, she told us.

Through the power of personalized nutrition and high-quality mealtimes, we here at MealSuite® know that great foodservice has the power to not only ignite smiles – but enhance quality of life for deserving residents across long term care.

And inspiring foodservice leaders like Samantha (and her residents!) are why we’re dedicated to providing innovative technologies that help them deliver the best mealtime experience, without adding extra work to their teams’ plates.

Read on to discover Samantha’s experience with MealSuite®, from first learning the solution as a new Dietary Manager, through to her vision for adding more technologies to her repertoire in the future:

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User-Friendly Technology Makes Onboarding Easy

When you’ve already got so much on the go, you’re not alone if the thought of learning something new is a little overwhelming. And if you’ve personally hesitated to use new technologies to enhance your operations for this reason, you’ll find peace in knowing that Samantha was able to pick up on her MealSuite® solutions easily, even when she was new to her job:

“This (was) my first foodservice manager position, so it was definitely a learning curve but once you get onto (MealSuite®) it's really easy. It's very user friendly,” she explained.

Samantha added that the reports she’s able to create with the technology are also very helpful to the community’s cook who has been there for about 45 years: “she adjusted to it, and she was able to say: ‘this is actually easier than it was before’ so that's a huge bonus for us in this home!”

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Conquering Diet List Consistency Goals with Resident-Centered Solutions

As residents come and go, every foodservice leader knows the importance of staying on top of the evolving and diverse dietary needs of their community. That’s why Samantha had a specific goal in mind to use her technology for consistent and reliable diet lists:

“I was looking for a lot more consistency in terms of the diet list, and ensuring that that was kept updated, consistently, and as the residents are changing... I believe MealSuite® is a huge, huge benefit for that... in particular, with the People tab... I find that the report prints beautifully,” she explained.

Our Connect Interface drives diet order, allergy and admission, discharge & transfer (ADT) data from your EMR system (such as PointClickCare) into MealSuite®’s end-to-end dietary, food production and POS solution in real-time so teams like Samantha’s always have important resident information at their fingertips.

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This not only mitigates foodservice risk within long term care communities – but saves teams valuable time and excess energy worrying about residents being served the correct items and meals.

Samantha’s Vision for the Future: Implementing MealSuite® Touch Technology to Save Time & Boost Resident Engagement

A forward-thinking leader, Samantha has a vision to add even more currently available technology solutions to her repertoire. Next on her wishlist? Touch technology solutions from MealSuite® (such as tablet ordering) that help foodservice teams shave a significant amount of time off their busy schedules:

“That would be something I would look forward to in the future... I think that would really change the way meal service runs. It would make it way more efficient. And it would honestly add a couple of hours on to the team. So that would be a huge benefit for us,” she added.

With touchscreen integration, not only can foodservice leaders like Samantha “have to do a little less running around posting menu boards lists”, but they can provide their communities with a fully interactive dining experience with the ability to see weekly menus and nutrition information on Menu Boards in common areas or even on their website.

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“Being able to touch the Menu and say ‘oh I want to see what’s on Friday’ – it’s really, really neat!”, Samantha concluded.

If you’re a senior care foodservice professional who wants to learn how foodservice management software could be your recipe for success, we would love to connect with you! Simply send us your most burning questions about resident diet systems, and our technology experts will fill you in on anything you need to know.

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