Innovation & Customization: Why Foodservice Leader Brittaney Recommends a Foodservice Solution that Evolves with Your Needs

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Brittaney Lee

With Brittaney Lee, NM, Foodservice Operations Leader  

With over 15 years of foodservice operations experience in acute care and long term care, Brittaney has seen the full spectrum of paper-based operations, through to implementing and reaping the benefits of technology. 


Before joining the MealSuite team as Customer Success Manager, Brittaney was a leading force in her most recent home’s transition to the platform. With an overburdened team, Brittaney sought a solution to help them save time and stress, while improving the quality of their foodservice operation. And MealSuite delivered! 

Watch the video as she shares her experience in the field, and her outlook on choosing a technology partner that “moves forward” as the industry evolves:

Before MealSuite, there was “a lot of administrative burden.” 

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When we asked Brittaney about her day-to-day before technology, she explained that one of her biggest challenges was “information that was housed in different areas...Excel spreadsheets, word documents – there was a lot of administrative burden.” 

She continued, “so – when we were able to switch to (MealSuite) TOUCH, that really freed up my time to spend with the residents. And that has really changed how I was able to become a better manager to the frontline people that needed me.” 

Why did she choose MealSuite? “They were moving forward.”

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Before Brittaney could choose the right foodservice solution for her operations, she had to weigh her options. When we asked why she ultimately chose MealSuite, she explained that “I saw how they were moving forward, there was always something new and exciting happening with them. The onboarding process was exceptional, and the support, you could call it anytime. So those were some of the features that really made me decide to go with it.” 

Customizability was also a big factor for Brittaney as she added: “also, the ability to customize things at the home level. So, making sure that I could make my own recipes (and) have my own menu, that was really important.”  

The onboarding experience: “They really personalized it and set you up for success.” 

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When it comes to her onboarding experience with MealSuite, Brittaney said: “I can't say enough, they're an amazing team... I felt really, really supported as a customer.” 

“They really wanted to know your operations. So how does that look at your facility so they really personalized it and just set you up for success. And as soon as that onboarding was completed, it was like a smooth transition to our support team that provided that daily support,” she explained.  

“The overall professionalism of our foodservice operation really came together.” 

Nurse wearing blue smiling at elderly resident after delivering meal

What results did Brittaney see with the technology? “My cooks were actually using the recipes and the menus, whereas before they were not. Production was accurate. I was able to create accurate order guides. Costs went down. And just the overall professionalism of our foodservice operation really came together,” she explained.  

Brittaney’s advice to other foodservice leaders considering technology: “Look at where the company is going.” 

“One of the things that really sold me (about MealSuite) was that they invest back into the company... In foodservice operations, things change daily, so it’s really important to work with a company that is cutting edge, willing to change with industry standards. They listen, and they act on what you request. So, it's just an amazing team that just moves forward, and wants to be the best,” she concluded. 


In her new role with MealSuite, Brittaney is thrilled to pay it forward with fellow industry leaders, helping them to build a technology ecosystem for the utmost success. Interested in learning more about what MealSuite can do for your operations right from Brittaney? Contact her today at

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