How Kei Uses MealSuite Connect to Stay on Top of Patient Dietary Data, So He Can Deliver Personalized Meals with Ease

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Meet Kei Won, Director of Dietary and Dining Services at Olympia Transitional Healthcare & Rehabilitation. Alongside his team, Kei delivers meals to his patients across various levels of care; from surgery recovery to assisted living, through to memory care.

With over 30 years of experience in the food industry, Kei’s shift to a career in care was inspired by his grandparents. Recalling Sunday meals in his childhood enjoying “pot roast, meatloaf, you know... comfort food”, his passion for delivering that same feeling of home to his patients every day was so clear throughout our conversation.

Kei Won

Not only does Kei love to bring comfort and nostalgia with his food – he works with his greater team of healthcare professionals to ensure his diners receive meals that help them thrive during their stay.

But with a range of dietary needs, allergies and preferences to consider – how does Kei ensure they’re delivering dishes suited to each patient? Watch the video and keep reading to discover how he pairs the facility’s PointClickCare® EHR software with his MealSuite Connect tool, so he can have consistent dietary data to shape his menus in the best interest of each individual.

Driving EHR data (Including Diet, Allergy and ADT) from PointClickCare® to Mealsuite

Nurse with stethescope tapping on tablet to see EHR data

With a focus on personalized care for each patient, an important part of Kei’s role is to stay on top of their dietary needs, including balancing any new information coming through from his healthcare team:

“We use PointClickCare and everybody puts their input in there”, he explained. "We have physical and speech therapists, we have doctors, we have CNAs, RNs... and other nutritionists who all input into PCC, for the person’s file”.

With his MealSuite Connect tool, any admission, discharge or transfer data relevant to the dietary team automatically transfers from PointClickCare® into his MealSuite dietary software. “It allows us in MealSuite to turn them on and keep their files up to date, to keep their menu and their nutritional value up to date. You know, it changes daily – so if the doctor turns around at 2:00 today and says ‘we want to put her on a low sodium diet’. Okay, go in (MealSuite), the alert is there. Boom. Print out the ticket – it's automatic – she's now low sodium”, he added.

Designing personal menus that drive patient satisfaction

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It’s no secret that food is such an important aspect of a patient or residents’ experience at any care community. Kei told us that from his experience, “when the dining rooms are open... it's social hour!” –adding that food has the power to make others feel cared for, and even bring out feelings of nostalgia, like positive memories of picking cranberries.

Through our conversation, Kei discussed his passion for building personal menus that are as special as his patients:

“That's a big deal. When you can turn around and make an individual personal menu for someone... It just (takes) a little bit of knowledge and a little bit of input.”

With up-to-date EHR data paired with automated menu management via software, Kei and his team can ensure they’re delivering meals that make their patients feel seen and supported, regardless of their unique needs. For example, he added, “it’s like: ‘Mrs. Smith, you’re gluten free? We have a menu just for you’... They feel happy that you're taking care of them.”

Would Kei Recommend MealSuite to Other PointClickCare® Users?

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“Without a doubt to the foodservice dietary director, the nutritional department – it's to their benefit to have this program”, Kei shared. Adding that, taking the time to input patient dietary profile information into the program is key to succeeding with the technology.

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