A Conversation with Leah’s Pantry: Helping Communities Thrive Through Trauma-Informed Nutrition Security

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Leah Quinn
Leah Quinn, NPP Project Coordinator at Leah’s Pantry

We couldn’t feel more fortunate to work with people & organizations who use the power of healthy food to nourish the communities around them, ultimately helping them to thrive.

And among our inspiring partners is Leah’s Pantry – a California-based nonprofit committed to a vision of all people being nourished, regardless of socioeconomic status.

“Our mission is pretty simple: It’s to support organizations, individuals and families and give them the resources and skills that they need to build well-nourished communities and a healthy and equitable food system,” said Leah Quinn, NPP Project Coordinator at Leah’s Pantry, when we had a virtual chat with her to learn more about their program.

As the coordinator of Leah’s Pantry’s Nutrition Pantry Program (or NPP), Leah sees first-hand how food & nutrition security can play a major role in building resilience in children and adults in low-income communities. And the passion she has for supporting her pantry volunteers, so they can provide the best possible experience for their clients at each and every visit is so clear.

Watch the video to discover more about their programs, and how they’re navigating their operations and continuing to support communities through COVID-19.

Video photo credits: LeahsPantry.org ; MiraCosta College YouTube

How you can contribute

If you are willing and able to show support during these times, Leah explains, “anyone can go and learn more about us on LeahsPantry.org" where you can find virtual volunteer opportunities, options for registering as a partner and an area for donations.

“And also checking out EatFresh.org, our recipe website, and utilizing some of those easy, delicious, healthy recipes!”

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