For Foodservice Operators tired of wasted time and excess paperwork…

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Who has time to check and maintain manual logs for cold storage area temperatures these days?

Our integrated Wireless Temperature Sensors accurately monitor your fridge and freezer temperatures, automatically generating your digital logs. Let the sensors ensure you’re in the ‘Safe Zone’ and alert you immediately via text or email if temperatures go out of range.

There’s no better time to convert your temperature logging to digital.

We’ve helped foodservice operators relieve hours of manual logging time and countless pages of administrative paperwork. And we’re here to help you do the same.

What you'll get...

  • A pre-programmed and ready to install wireless gateway and temperature sensor (Additional sensors can be added for a reduced fee)
  • Time back in your day
  • Excess paperwork off your plate

Fridge and Freezer malfunctions can cost you thousands of dollars in spoiled food and health citations... IS IT REALLY WORTH THE RISK?!

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*A small setup fee will be assessed based on the number of sensors

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How It Works

Monitor & detect conditions you want to know about

Relays sensor information to monitoring software

Get alerts & view dashboards. Access data from anywhere.