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Innovation Insider - Earth Day Edition: April 2022
May 10, 2022

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In this Edition:
01 HACCP HQ & Production Technology for a Paperless Kitchen
02 Wireless Temperature Sensors
03 Tablet Photos
04 Forecasting
05 Plant-Based MealSuite Recipes

But first: Get inspired this Earth Month with MealSuite's sustainable foodservice TikTok videos. Then, keep reading to discover solutions that can help you reduce your operational waste.

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Welcome to the MealSuite Innovation Insider, Earth Month Edition!

Every foodservice operator knows that guilty feeling that comes with throwing away expired ingredients or uneaten meals. Or the frustration that comes with using piles of paper, binders and ink cartridges just to track your menus and diets.

As sustainability values continue to rise, less waste is becoming a serious indicator for operational excellence and satisfaction for your residents, their families and your team. And Earth Month this April is a great opportunity to reflect on how you can take steps toward reducing your footprint in BIG ways.

The good news? More sustainable operations can start with foodservice technology solutions.

Read on to discover how MealSuite solutions – ones you may have available or can implement with ease – can help you save on paper, printing and food waste, so you can have the greener operations you've envisioned.

01 Paperless Kitchen Technology

Male server wearing apron checking food inventory

Go Paperless and Reduce Food Waste in Your Kitchen with HACCP Checklist & Production Technology

MealSuite's HACCP technology takes tracking and logs digital with real-time reports and alerts, including operational checklists and temperature monitoring.

The solution is fully integrated with touchscreens featuring all of your forecast and production data for an efficient operation that improves communication, reduces waste and maximizes the time of your kitchen staff.

Learn More

02 Wireless Temperature Sensors

hands holding temperature sensors in front of food

Prevent Wasteful Spoilages with An Integrated Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer

Perfect for mobile temperature tracking (think: tray delivery and snack carts), this wireless probe transmits temperatures to your mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy.

The fully integrated device can also notify your team of temperatures directly within the MealSuite foodservice management system and can work in conjunction with the HACCP software mentioned above.

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03 Tablet Photos

Woman holding a tablet while taking picture of food

Stop Throwing Away Show Plates. Use Tablet Photos on MealSuite TOUCH Instead!

With TOUCH technology in place, wasteful show plates become a thing of the past. With the ability to show photos of menu selections digitally, you can save approximately 2,190 plates of food per year for each food service location!

Watch the video

04 Forecasting


Forecast Orders and Visualize Trends to Fight Overproduction

Planning out menus that specifically cater to residents’ needs and preferences is one of the best ways to save on food waste and make accurate predictions for future inventory orders. But how can you anticipate which menu items will yield the most popular? Through the power of data.

Our forecasting tools help you track what residents tend to order more of, while giving you the information you need to make more accurate purchasing and production decisions. Over time, this will help you not only offer a more personalized menu, but fight food waste that comes with overproduction of less popular items or unsatisfying meals being sent back or thrown away.

Learn how to use forecasting tools

05 Plant-Based MealSuite Recipes

Plant based food

Try MealSuite's Plant-Based Recipes

Plant-forward eating styles are booming for many reasons, one of which being that more connections are being made to their ability to help fight climate change.

Not only can foodservice technology allow you to flex to different styles of plant-forward eating your residents may be practicing – it can even encourage others to give them a try through delicious plant-forward choices. From flexitarians to vegetarians, the MealSuite system offers a flavor-packed variety of plant-forward recipes, allowing you to easily cater to meat-averse crowds. Even the meat eaters will love our Black Bean Enchiladas on your next Meatless Monday!

Explore our free recipe resources

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