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Innovation Insider - November 2023 Issue
November 28, 2023

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Innovation Insider

In this Edition:
01 NEW! Manage Reservations Across Your Dining Venues with MealSuite's Point of Sale
02 Our Self-Service Kiosk Has a New Look
03 About MealSuite's Corporate Enterprise Feature
04 7 Ways Senior Care Foodservice Operators Can Save On Rising Food Costs
05 How Foodservice Software Can Help with IDDSI implementation
06 Download Your 2024 Food Day Inspiration Calendar

01 New to Point of Sale

New to Point of Sale

NEW! Manage Reservations Across Your Dining Venues with MealSuite's Point of Sale

Use our new reservations capability to capture and modify booking requests from residents and their families. There are so many benefits to implementing reservations, including the ability to:

  • Stagger dining room traffic for more efficient services
  • More accurately schedule required staff
  • Better predict food quantities you’ll need

Reservations is FREE for all MealSuite Point of Sale customers who sign up prior to Jan 1st 2024. Click below to learn more!

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02 Self-Service Kiosk

Self-Service Kiosk

See Our Self-Service Kiosk in Action

Our Self-Service Kiosk has a new look – and is easier to use than ever! Save on cashier labor and boost your foodservice revenue with customizable items, charges and add-ons.

Watch our own Sara demonstrate how easy it'll be for your residents and staff to order exactly what they're craving!

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03 Corporate Enterprise

Corporate Enterprise

Do You Manage Multiple Sites? Learn How Our Corporate Enterprise Functionality Can Streamline Your Day

MealSuite's Enterprise Management is a corporate hub for multi-unit operators to build and manage data that flows up or down from individual sites:

  • Create and manage recipes, menus, and data standards at a corporate level.
  • Nutritionally analyze to meet nutrition targets and establish quality controls.
  • Manage multi-location menu costing (helpful if you buy from multiple vendors or distribution centres), buying preferences and rules for managing of order guides and preferred product selection.
  • Roll out pre-determined standardization rules that allow you to easily onboard new locations as you grow.

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04 Food Costs

Food Costs

Inflation Pain: 7 Ways Senior Care Foodservice Operators Can Save On Rising Food Costs

Are rising operating expenses causing you concern as a foodservice operator? If so, you're not alone.

In fact, 86% of skilled nursing & senior housing respondents say that inflation is the most pressing worry facing their organization, according to a National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care survey.

As the costs of staples continue to rise, what steps can you take to save those precious dollars? Click through to discover all 7 ideas to help you plan menus that stay on budget:

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05 IDDSI Resources

IDDSI Resources

Implementing IDDSI? Watch This Video to See How Foodservice Technology Can Help

How can foodservice software help support your IDDSI implementation? Take 2.5 minutes to watch as our own Manager of Nutrition Services, Noel Slaughter, walks through helpful features in MealSuite, like...

  • Color-coded IDDSI tags for recipes
  • Easy recipe filtering
  • Tagged production reports with critical steps

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06 Resources


Celebrate all of 2024's Tastiest Food Days

We're BACK with an all-new 2024 Food Day Inspiration Calendar! Enjoyed by hundreds of foodservice professionals since 2021, download for recipes, activities and ideas to help you celebrate National Burrito Day, World Pear Day and more!

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