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MealSuiteĀ® Serve & Smile Newsletter - Foodservice Week Edition, February 2022
February 07, 2022

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Serve & Smile Newsletter - Foodservice Week Edition

Did you know that this week (February 7-11th) is Pride in Foodservice Week?

We never miss a chance to celebrate heroes of this industry like you.

With all you do to keep your patients and residents cared for – to say you deserve to feel proud would be an understatement

That's why we're dedicating this month's newsletter to YOU. To recognize the importance of what you do, and to give you what you need to celebrate this special week with your team in style.

A Special Message from Team MealSuite

Dear Foodservice Heroes...

Why are we so passionate about what we do here at MealSuite? We know first-hand that you do heroes' work.

Many of our team members have walked in the shoes of the care foodservice frontline and understand how much heart it takes to do what you do every day.

That's why we wanted to send this special message from Team MealSuite to you.

What's New

Thank you cards

FREE Printable "Thank You" Cards for the Hard-Working Members of your Foodservice Team

To help you share your pride and gratitude with your team this week and beyond, we’ve created 6 FREE printable “Thank You” cards with a food-inspired twist sure to make them smile!

  • Print and share them with fellow staff members
  • Print for residents so they can show their appreciation, too
  • Share online to others in the Nutrition & Foodservice community

Download the cards now

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Software for Senior Living Foodservice

How Technology Can Help Senior Living Leaders Build A Foodservice Team Culture to Be Proud Of

As a foodservice leader, you know that building pride amongst your team is a major key to building a positive team culture that sticks.

Read on to discover how technology can help you achieve this and more for a culture that will have you and your entire team beaming with pride.

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Industry Resources

Celebrate Pride in Foodservice Week

More Resources to Help You Celebrate Pride in Foodservice Week

To keep up the momentum of foodservice pride all week long, we've collected some of our favorite industry resources for you:

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MealSuite® is a fully integrated, end to end, dietary, food production, inventory, kitchen management and point of sale solution on a mission to revolutionize the continuum of care through food service technology. Since 1989, their industry leading innovations have empowered food service operators across North America to streamline administrative labor, cut down on food waste, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements, so they can spend more time focusing on what matters most: improving the quality of life for their patients and residents. Dedicated to delivering SMILES & SATISFACTION to healthcare & senior living communities, MealSuite® prides itself on providing personalized solutions matched with unparalleled customer service.


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