How Westminster Community Finds Foodservice Success Through Meal Service Software & A Family-First Attitude

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"We’ve created a nice little family here”, Brian Grossman, Food & Beverage Director of Westminster Community in Austin, Texas says as we sit down for a conversation with he and his teammate Marivel Mendez, Healthcare Dining Manager.

Offering dining variety from six different outlets ranging from room deliveries to cafés to fine dining – with plans for even more options in the near future – Brian and Marivel are shining examples of providing patients and residents with a truly personalized dining experience.

And their success all starts with their family-first attitude.

As they work every day to serve patients and residents across three levels of care, Brian and Marivel believe in the power of family – not only when it comes to their team culture, but in how they serve their community meal after meal.

Watch the video to discover more about how Marivel and Brian use MealSuite foodservice software to serve their community like family.

Their foodservice team is one big family.

“We try and bring out the best in everybody here and that’s what we try to teach the food and beverage staff. And that comes from the management down. That’s why we hire the people we do”, says Brian when discussing his foodservice team’s admirable culture.

As the director of the greater foodservice operations, Brian strives to ensure everyone’s voices are heard, mutual respect is at the forefront and that they genuinely have a great time working with one another every day.

“If that happens everybody else is taken care of,” says Brian.

Brian and Marivel know that when the foodservice staff feel well taken care of, that feeling of family naturally spreads to their patients and residents.

Treating their patients and residents like family through personalized care.

Marivel says that the best part of her job is “that satisfaction you get from putting a smile on somebody’s face with food, especially during these times where they’re isolated.”

Using her MealSuite foodservice software, she can create customized menus, giving her patients the freedom of choice that truly makes them feel at home.

“That’s the biggest benefit I see from (the software) is being able to really customize for a resident what they like, what they don’t like and being able to build those custom menus. That’s where we’ve seen the most satisfaction – it's really helped our residents feel in control of what they’re eating”, she says.

And just like real family, Brian encourages honesty and openness throughout his team and with his patients and residents:

“It’s nice because it’s genuine here... People want me to be myself and I want them to be themselves! People can tell me if the food’s not good, or if the food’s awesome. I just want them to always be honest with me.”

And the MealSuite family is honored to be a part of theirs.

Throughout our conversation with Brian and Marivel, we couldn’t help but draw similarities in the family-first attitude we’re also proud to live by as we serve our partner communities each day.

“Honestly the biggest asset to the program is the support that y’all provide as the staff. Everyone we’ve encountered has just been so welcoming and it does match our motto of family and we definitely see that in you guys too”, says Marivel when discussing her experience working with team MealSuite.

With the ultimate shared goal of putting smiles on the faces of patients and residents, we strongly believe in providing our communities with support so dedicated, we feel like an extension of their work family.

With big plans for Westminster’s future, Brian expresses his excitement in MealSuite’s ability to live up to their big dreams and evolving needs, adding “it’s really fun how you guys get ahead on what we’re thinking already”.

We can’t wait to see what they do next!

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