Insights from New MealSuite User, Allyson: From the Easy Onboarding Process to Saving Time with Centralized Management

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Meet Allyson, Nutrition Coordinator at Glen Meadows Retirement Community. In her role supporting Healthcare and Assisted Living foodservices within the operation, Allyson says her favorite part of her job is "serving the residents!"

That’s why Allyson was excited to onboard foodservice management technology from MealSuite, which has since helped her to "be on the floor more – because I don’t have to spend so much time updating everything."

Having used the technology for about six weeks, we met with Allyson to discuss how she found the onboarding process, along with her first impressions of MealSuite’s solutions. Here’s what she had to say:

The onboarding process "was really simple and very easy"

Allyson said that her Onboarding Specialist, Jennifer, "organized our online training" adding that she was "very helpful, answered any questions... I would just shoot her a quick email even before a training and then she would get back to me with a couple little steps and then I could continue further, even without the assistance."

She also loved the online tools that helped her and her team learn the system: "the training videos were really easy," she added, "if you (had) any questions, you can look it up yourself in between."

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Thoughts on MealSuite so far: "I don’t have to update multiple sheets!"

One thing Allyson really likes about the system is that before, she was "having to update diet sheets in different locations and send them out... now, I just have to go to MealSuite, enter all my information in and then I can run a report."

"Everything that I used to have on my diet sheet that I would send out is already organized for me in alphabetical order – I can just download it and then email it out to the team. That was a very big thing... It's a one stop shop."

Easy budget management: "It tells you how much you’re spending each day"

Easy budget management

Another big aspect she enjoys about the system is how it helps her stay within budget when building her menus. Live costs are displayed "at the top when you're building your menu. It tells you how much you're spending each day."


How MealSuite helps Allyson’s nurses deliver snacks that align with diet orders

The technology, Allyson explained, is helping "build a better relationship... between dining and nursing." When making menus with MealSuite’s snack menu tool, she can "print a snack delivery checkoff sheet" for nurses to use when serving snacks with the snack cart, improving communication.

"What it’ll do is it’ll print all your residents and all their diets and it’ll list the snacks that they’re allowed to have from the snack menu that you created – and it has a little checkbox.... and then they're able to keep track and it matches up with the correct diets."

Plus, from an inventory standpoint, she loves that you can "link (the snack menu) with all the products through US Foods."

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