Complimentary 7-Day Low Labor Emergency Menu to Support Short-Staffed Senior Living & Healthcare Communities

Chef and cook looking at meal orders in kitchen

Are you currently experiencing labor shortage challenges in your senior living or healthcare community and seeking a solution to take a burden off of your limited team?

Look no further than MealSuite® ’s 7-Day Low Labor Emergency Menu created by our in-house team of registered dietitians! This menu is simplified for use in the event of limited staff or non-kitchen staff assisting with meal prep and service.

The Low Labor Emergency Menu can be scheduled for 7 unique days of service, and includes...

  • 1000+ pages including nutrition analysis, production guide & shopping lists
  • Menu items that allow for maximized use across therapeutic and texture-modified diets
  • Ready-to-bake menu items and/or simple recipes containing few ingredients 
  • Options for labor to be further reduced by using more ready-to-serve and PC products (e.g. Pudding, Cookies, Protein Salads, Fruit) as available for your community

Thank you for all that you’re doing to continue serving your patients and residents, despite any staffing-related challenges you may be facing.

If you’re struggling with a compromised staff, and are seeking a more permanent solution, click here to see how our technology solutions can help them save time and stress, while boosting your team culture.

Fill out the form to download your complimentary copy of these emergency menus today!

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