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We are a team of healthcare professionals, experienced dietitians, and industry thought leaders who believe passionately in enhancing the quality of life for healthcare & senior living communities and the effectiveness of the dining experience as a facilitator to do so.

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Complimentary Emergency Menus to Help You Navigate COVID-19

Complimentary Emergency Menus to Hope You Navigate COVID-19

With healthcare and senior living communities top-of-mind, MealSuite® ’s team of registered dietitians have developed a complimentary Low Labor Emergency Menu designed to specifically address the unique challenges your operations are facing during this time.

The "Emergency Low Labor Menus"  are simplified for use in the event of limited staff or non-kitchen staff assisting with meal prep and service.

  • Menus can be scheduled for 7 unique days of service.
  • Take comfort in knowing that the expertly curated menu items allow for maximized use across therapeutic and texture-modified diets
  • Features ready-to-bake menu items and/or simple recipes containing few ingredients 
  • Labor can be further reduced by using more ready-to-serve and PC products (e.g. Pudding, Cookies, Protein Salads, Fruit) as available for your facility 

Thank you for all that you’re doing to continue serving your community during these uncertain times. If you’re struggling with a compromised staff, or any other operational challenges amidst COVID-19, MealSuite® is always here to help.

Our low-labor menu will help cover your team when you're short on staff.

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