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MealSuiteĀ® Serve & Smile Newsletter, February 2023 Issue
February 28, 2023

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Serve & Smile Newsletter - Foodservice Week Edition

Industry Leader Spotlight

April’s Experience

Setting Long Term Care Teams Up for Success with Foodservice Technology: April'’'s Experience

When April was supporting her communities from a corporate level as Dietary Systems Specialist, her passion for making a difference in the industry through technology was ignited.

Click through to discover her experience handling change management and setting up her team for success with integrated solutions.

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From Our Blog

Pizza Party

[Recording] Best Practices in Foodservice Technology for Senior Care: A Panel Discussion

Alex Pirrone, Julie Cavaliere, and Melanie Veldman bring 40+ years of combined experience in dietary & serving older adults. Watch the recording from their LinkedIn Live as they discuss:

  • How technology can provide efficiencies in foodservices and improve the overall dining experience
  • Why now is the time to embrace technological change
  • The biggest myths around onboarding technology
  • And their advice for foodservice leaders considering upgrading their technology practices

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Industry Leader Spotlight

"Amazing, Dedicated, Rockstars!" We Asked Foodservice Leaders to Describe Their Teams in One Word for Pride in Foodservice Week - and You Delivered

From serving smiles to seniors, to nourishing those who are healing, foodservice professionals play such an important role in our lives and those of our loved ones.

So, to share the love during PIFSW, we asked foodservice leaders to describe their team in one word.

...And we got so many incredible answers, we just had to make a two-part video!

Watch below to see how foodservice leaders from across North America describe their incredible teams:

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Industry Leader Spotlight

Industry Leader Spotlight

Future Foodservice Innovators Spotlight: A Chat with Nutrition & Foodservice Management Student, Lauryn

  • Would she be more likely to choose an employer with technology systems in place?
  • Can the support of technology make future Nutrition Managers like Lauryn more effective at their jobs?
  • Why is technology so important to the next generation of foodservice professionals?

Watch the full video and read on to hear what she had to say:

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March 27-29, 2023 | Toronto, ON
Together We Care
Panel Discussion with Julie Cavaliere, Director of Innovation at MealSuite!

April 16-19, 2023 | Houston, TX
SDA Synergy Senior Dining & Hospitality Conference

April 17-19, 2023 | Washington, DC
2023 LeadingAge Leadership Summit

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MealSuite® is a fully integrated, end to end, dietary, food production, inventory, kitchen management and point of sale solution on a mission to revolutionize the continuum of care through foodservice technology. Since 1989, their industry leading innovations have empowered foodservice operators across North America to streamline administrative labor, cut down on food waste, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements, so they can spend more time focusing on what matters most: improving the quality of life for their patients and residents. Dedicated to delivering SMILES & SATISFACTION to healthcare & senior living communities, MealSuite® prides itself on providing personalized solutions matched with unparalleled customer service.

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