Meal service is an important daily event whether it occurs in a resident’s room or in one of your dining venues. MealSuite supports non-select, advance select (up to 7 days), select, table-side and even in-room dining. Independant residents can order their food quickly while residents who need some assistance are supported with options like food pictures, intervention notes for staff and more. Either way, selections can be taken on paper or electronically using MealSuite Touch on tablets.

From table-side ordering to tray tickets, snack labels and individualized menus, the system supports your workflow with the reports and worksheets you need to successfully provide your residents with the highest level of personalized care.

Meal Service

Reduce Waste

Produce the right food for the right people and deliver it to the right locations to reduce waste and ensure the happiness of your residents.

Table-Side Ordering

Add MealSuiteTouch to offer the best in table-side meal selection that can be directly sent to the kitchen for faster and more efficient service.

Tray Tickets & Tray Cards

Print one-time use tray tickets and tray cards to provide serving staff with details on resident needs.

Flexible Menu Ordering

If you use menus, each menu is specific to each resident’s needs. With MealSuite Touch, you can take selections with a resident’s family member for up to 7 days in advance, or take selections in the room or at table-side - flexibility you need to provide the best service possible.

Label Simplicity

Create snack labels and snack delivery worksheets. Add MealSuiteTouch to use tablets on snack carts and have all the information you need at your fingertips. You can also create labels for personalized items served in addition to meals including adaptive feeding devices.

Support Off-Site Services

Support off-site services such as Meals-on-Wheels and catering events.

What Our Clients Say

"MealSuite gives our company the capability of delivering restaurant style dining and continually changing monthly menus to our residents. The extensive recipe database keeps our resident excited about all the new menu creations."
Tim Travis, Corporate Chef

"For 16 years, we have enjoyed using MealSuite in our dining operations. It is amazing how quickly our staff has learned to use MealSuite. As always, the Support Team has done a great job of helping us along the way."
Shirley Smith, RD/LD

"Mealsuite is a way to stay on top of all necessary tracking and monitoring areas of high priority in the safety aspect of our field of business. Also the excellent cost control and inventory part of MealSuite is remarkable."
Allen B. Alvarado, Executive Chef

"MealSuite gives you the ability to create and cost menus and recipes, forecast and assign production areas, manage resident profiles and meal delivery areas, generate food orders, and track inventory all in one place without having to use multiple forms or programs. "
Jeremy Williams, Sr. Executive Chef, MD


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