Complimentary "Dining at a Distance" Signage to Help Care Communities Encourage Social Distancing as They Reopen Dining Rooms

Complimentary Emergency Menus to Hope You Navigate COVID-19

With so many communities forced to make a shift from tableside to in-room dining, there's no doubt that your foodservice has been flipped upside down over the past few months.

And depending on your local laws and recommendations, you may be finally able to slowly but surely move your operations back to the dining room!

But, as you navigate ways to make the return as safe as possible for your residents, you may be left wondering:

How can I help encourage them to keep a safe distance while enjoying mealtime in a shared space?

That's why, to help you make your transition back to tableside easier, we developed this Complimentary ‘Dining at a Distance’ Signage, complete with food-punny safety messages for a fun and friendly way to promote social distancing for your diners.

What you’ll get:

  • 6 versions of ‘6 feet apart’ reminder decals ready to print on 8.5X11 paper and display on your walls or windows
  • 3 versions of ‘please don’t sit here’ signs to print and attach to chairs/seating you DON’T want residents occupying, to encourage proper spacing between seated diners (TIP: remember to communicate with your residents that if there’s a sign on the chair, to please avoid sitting there!)
Stay Split Apart 6 Feet
Donut Forget To Stay 6 Feet Apart
Lettuce All Stay 6 Feet Apart
Stay 6 Feet Apart - It's A Piece of Cake!
Spread Ha-Pea-ness - Stay 6 Feet Apart
Staying 6 Feet Apart Is Our Jam!
Please Donut Sit Here!
Peas Don't Sit Here
We'd A-Peach-iate It If You Didn't Sit Here

Our mission is to support the care industry in any way possible as you continue to be there for your communities. That’s why these signs are absolutely free for anyone who can benefit.

Download Your Free Signage

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