[FREE E-Book] The Pandemic Has Accelerated Technology Adoption Across Generations: Here's Why This Is an Exciting Opportunity for the Senior Living Industry to Influence and Support Their Residents, Families and Teams

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When it comes to technology, current and future resident, family and staff behaviors have rapidly changed – and with that comes a change in their expectations. As a senior living leader, you have the opportunity to adapt now and get ahead of this transformation so you can meet your occupancy goals, impress families and retain your valued staff now and for years to come.

With this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • How other senior living communities have used foodservice technology to please increasingly savvy residents & families and tap into entirely new revenue streams
  • Why our residents’ families are referred to as the “Sandwich Generation” and how this affects what they’re looking for in a senior living community of choice
  • How you can use technology to boost workplace culture, improve your online attractiveness to top talent and, importantly, retain your valued staff members

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Sean Rowe

Sean Rowe, CEO of MealSuite® Foodservice Management Technology

Since getting involved in the hospitality industry ten years ago, Sean has strongly believed in the power of technology to improve operational efficiency and overall satisfaction for patients and residents. That’s why after acquiring MealSuite® back in 2016, he made it his mission to develop an all-in-one ecosystem of software and hardware solutions to help the continuum of care achieve a whole new level of foodservice quality. Since the beginning, Sean’s number one priority has been to help deliver more smiles through improved mealtime experience, while reducing waste and unnecessary administrative burdens. Fast-forward to today: MealSuite® ’s technology helps foodservice operators serve over 394 Million meals every year, with a goal to help serve over 1 Billion annually by the end of 2021!

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