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MealSuiteĀ® Serve & Smile Newsletter, August 2021 Issue
August 06, 2021

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Community Success Stories

Community Success Stories

Fighting Foodservice Waste with Technology: The Tale of a Senior Living Eco-Superhero

Did you know that foodservice technology from MealSuite® can help you fight excess waste in your everyday operations so you can champion a more sustainable future for your community? Watch the full video to discover the tale of how it all happened for foodservice operator, John – and learn more about how simple solutions can help you save BIG on paper, printing & food waste.

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From our Blog

From our Blog

5 Ways MealSuite®’s NEW Fully Integrated Point of Sale (POS) Solution Can Help Senior Living Communities Deliver Restaurant-Quality Service Matched with the Personalized Care Your Residents Deserve

There’s no doubt that senior dining innovation is becoming not only a bonus, but an expectation for residents, families and team members alike. And when you choose MealSuite®’s Point of Sale for senior living, you’ll know that you have all of the tools at your disposal to level up your meal service from end-to-end, while providing your residents with the best level of care.

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Industry Resources

Industry Resources

FREE Fortified Summer Recipes to Help Senior Care Communities Prevent Unintentional Weight Loss in Residents Easier, Even If They Have a Low Appetite

With nearly 27% of seniors experiencing involuntary weight loss, you're certainly not alone if this has been a challenge in your community. That’s why our team of registered dietitians have developed Free Fortified Summer Recipes featuring warm-weather flavors, so you can help your residents maintain a healthy weight, even when they're experiencing a low appetite.

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What's New

Introducing NEW Nutrient Templates: Encourage Personalized, Balanced Nutrition with Every Order

Introducing NEW Nutrient Templates: Encourage Personalized, Balanced Nutrition with Every Order

Now available with MealSuite® Touch, Nutrient Templates are the perfect solution for senior dining operators who want to encourage personalized, balanced nutrition with each tableside order. Completely flexible and customizable, the templates provide an at-a-glance view of select nutrient totals as items are added to orders for real-time information waitstaff can use for improved choices based on individual needs.

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Team MealSuite®

Team MealSuite

Attending One of These Events or Expos? Come Say Hello at The MealSuite® Booth!

It's finally time to connect with fellow industry leaders in person again, and we couldn't be more excited to see you and share all that we've been up to. MealSuite® technology specialists will be at the following events over the next several months, ready to discuss how you can elevate your foodservice experience and exceed your goals with our latest solutions!

  • Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) 2021 Annual Conference (Aug 23-26, Dallas, Booth #511)
  • Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference & Expo 2021 (Sept 13-15, Phoenix, Booth #1149)
  • LeadingAge Annual Meeting & EXPO (Oct 24-27, Atlanta, Booth #3823)

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From The Blog

From our Blog

[Infographic] 5 Powerful Ways Foodservice Management Technology Can Help Address Labor Shortages in Senior Care

It's no secret that labor shortages are a challenge for our industry. And when obstacles brought on by the pandemic making staff attraction and retention harder than ever – discover the ways senior care leaders can turn to technology to address common labor shortages, so you can continue to deliver the best mealtime experience in any circumstance.

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A Message For Our Foodservice Superheroes

Feel Goodg

A Special Thank You From Olympian Brandi Chastain

With the Olympics coming to a close, we'd like to re-share a special message from two-time olympic gold-medalist Brandi Chastain, to you. Thank you for all that you do to serve your communities. You will always be our superheroes!

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About Mealsuite®
MealSuite® is a fully integrated, end to end, dietary, food production, inventory, kitchen management and point of sale solution on a mission to revolutionize the continuum of care through food service technology. Since 1989, their industry leading innovations have empowered food service operators across North America to streamline administrative labor, cut down on food waste, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements, so they can spend more time focusing on what matters most: improving the quality of life for their patients and residents. Dedicated to delivering SMILES & SATISFACTION to healthcare & senior living communities, MealSuite® prides itself on providing personalized solutions matched with unparalleled customer service.

Connect with MealSuite® at LinkedIn and Facebook.

Connect with MealSuite® on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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